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Projection Mapping

Mapping lighting fixtures with video opens up opportunity for more effective visual effects as well as the ability to tie together a lighting rig with video screens in the same rig.

A large variety of custom configurations are possible with integration between different systems. (e.g. Audio Interaction)

Holographic Projection

IKONIX is the first company in Australia to adopt the Holo-Gauze™  technology. Holo-Gauze™ is the latest development in large-scale 3D hologram effects. A patent pending front projection screen that is highly transparent and highly reflective, Holo-Gauze is unique as it works with 3D polarised projection systems and is also widely used as a 2D hologram effect.

The gauze screen can be set up in minutes and is extremely light weight and portable, so touring a hologram effect is now very simple and can be scaled to any size – only limited by projector distance.

Custom LED Design

LED walls are becoming more and more popular in the entertainment industry. IKONIX likes to push the boundaries of conventional square screens, we create custom shapes and layouts with enhanced content to create a more immersive visual experience.

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Content Creation

IKONIX has a great network of animators and creative directors. We employ an efficient content management system that enhances workflow and allows for a productive development process. Our team works in 3D and 2D environments. The experience IKONIX has working in the entertainment industry allows the animation team to provide event ready video content.

Moving forward with projection mapping we are able to offer UV unwrapped video content that is mapped using media servers that take advantage of 3D Models for pixel perfect accuracy.

Media Servers

IKONIX takes full advantage of the AVOLITES AI  and DISGUISE media server platform’s. The multi-award winning server’s are the perfect choice for your most demanding video projects. 

We have the ability to, include LTC timecode input’s, 10000bt Network ports for connecting to Artnet networks, MIDI in & out ports, Audio I/O, Genlock (essential for TV projects) and  sync network connections to guarantee sync across multiple systems. The user interface shows the 3D visualizer, this gives you networked control of your whole show from one integrated and intuitive interface, no matter how many outputs you need.

Project Management

Our team are highly skilled and experienced across multiple facets of any event & installations from design and operation of all formats including Audio, Video, Lighting, Rigging, Automation, Power Management, Staging and customised special effects.

A turnkey solution for our clients in the field of technical production is the core focus of the business, being on board from concept to creation. Complete project management from scheduling, CAD design & drafting, supplier contract and financial management, specialised staff and stringent work, health and safety procurement policies built to adapt to government requirements in any region.

Production Design

As leaders in conceptual design, we draw on years of practical experience gained in fields as diverse as theatre, visual merchandising, architecture, interior design, brand experiential and marketing.

From your initial brief, we will develop custom and unique design solutions, utilising 3D modelling, visual and graphic design, video & content creation and collateral production to bring your vision to life.

Pre Vis Suite

IKONIX is currently building a Pre Visualisation Suite that enables our clients and ourselves to visualize and program out shows in advance.

* Custom Built Studio Desk Station

* Studio Speaker’s with Acoustic Treaments

* Grand MA 3 Lite

* Capture + AI Previs Software

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