Project Management

Project Management

Our team are highly skilled and experienced across multiple facets of any event & installations from design and operation of all formats including Audio, Video, Lighting, Rigging, Automation, Power Management, Staging and customised special effects.

A turnkey solution for our clients in the field of technical production is the core focus of the business, being on board from concept to creation. Complete project management from scheduling, CAD design & drafting, supplier contract and financial management, specialised staff and stringent work, health and safety procurement policies built to adapt to government requirements in any region.

Concept Visualisation

IKONIX works hard on its pre-production for events and spends a lot of time making the final event look exactly how we say it will. We like to create visually appealing pre visualization renders of our show looks with attention to detail and realistic rendering. New technology and software allows us to program Video and Lighting and see the end result with realistic rendering in real time.






Custom Set Design

IKONIX specializes in projection mapping and custom video solutions. Creating impressive set designs needs to be managed with the content for projection in mind. Understanding how projection mapping works and integrating this knowledge with the way the set is built allows for a seamless visual experience between content and the viewers. 

IKONIX also associates itself with innovative companies that can provide automated set movements and specialized rigging solutions.





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