IKONIX is the first company in Australia to adopt the HOLOGAUZE technology. The following information outlines the specifications / applications and set up information.

Holo-Gauze™ is the latest development in large-scale 3D hologram effects. A patent pending front projection screen that is highly transparent and highly reflective, Holo-Gauze is unique as it works with 3D polarised projection systems and is also widely used as a 2D hologram effect. The gauze screen can be set up in minutes and is extremely light weight and portable, so touring a hologram effect is now very simple and can be scaled to any size – only limited by projector distance.

hologram projection


  • Theatre productions
  • Club visuals
  • Festivals
  • Product launches, product reveals
  • In-store promotion
  • Human holograms, hologram resurrection
  • Stadium events and large scale outdoor spectaculars
  • Museum installations
  • Multi layer 3D effects
  • 360 3D immersive
  • Realtime in camera FX for film and television



hologram creation


  • 2D– Single video projector (but can create a glasses free 3D effect with specific content)
  • 3D– Two projectors with polarising filters and glasses
  • Screen hangs vertically
  • Can be attached to truss, lighting bar or frame
  • Front projection only
  • Video best projected onto the screen at an angle to hide secondary image

Simple set up in minutes not hours



hologram creation

Projector Positioning & Image Positioning

hologram creation

Lighting & Performer Positioning

hologram projection

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