IKONIX Has just made purchase of our second AI media server dongle. We now have 2 fully operational AI media servers. ( Specifications Below ). The IKONIX team also recently attended AI training at the Avolites factory in London. Meeting the team their and having some one on one training has really made us love this product even more and can’t wait to implement AI on some exciting productions here in Australia.


IKONIX Using a new V8 Feature AUTO MAP


IKONIX Using a new V8 Feature AUTO BLEND


Both media Servers are running version 8 (Latest) which has some of the following exciting updates.

Full List of V8 Upgrades Here

Surface Modelling Page

This new page gives the non 3D application user the capability to create and edit 3D stage sets. It combines the best bits of Max, Maya, Blender etc. But with easy access to features designed specifically for our market like linear and radial repeat for object geometry. The user can flip between the new Surface Modelling Mode and Stage View Mode to instantly see how the screen you’re designing fits with the rest of the stage.

System Wide Visualisation and Control

The new Virtual Network Fixture Module allows the user to visualise and control fixture groups on other networked systems in their UI as though they were stored locally. The VNF system provides intuitive control of complex networked media server setups. It combines its network control functionality with Ai’s stage visualisation capabilities which allows the operators system to show an entire show visualisation whilst the rendering is done on multiple systems.

Multiple users can login to systems on the network simultaneously to control any aspect of the project. For example multiple users can edit a systems video mapping or output configuration whilst another user builds a projects media banks.

CITP MA Compatibility

Ai Version 8 significantly advances the implementation of the CITP video control protocol. Thumbnails will now be visible for media when you are controlling Ai from an MA lighting console.

Performance Improvements

The Ai developers have made a massive improvement in the performance of Ai V8, optimising the render engine again to offer around a 50% improvement in video throughput using our AiM Superstream codec. Performance whilst live compositing high resolution background layers with low resolution foreground layers has also been much improved.

Camera based automated warp and blend

Ai V8 offers a revolutionary new camera based warp and blend feature. This allows the user to configure a large projection screen surface across all available video outputs on the system using our recommended webcam or Ethernet camera and custom software to automatically calculate the required warping and blending of the outputs.

Multiple servers are also supported in the automated warp and blend process using an IP camera. This allows blends across huge surfaces. Curved surfaces, domes and flat screen arrays are all supported and this feature is optional in the price of Ai V8.


Full AI Overview Here

• Smooth playback of multilayer 4K or 8K media using the AiM Codec.

• Up to 8 full 1080p HD outputs

• Hardware assisted Raid SSD Content storage

• Internal SATA SSD for system OS

• 8 fixture groups x 4 layers = 32 media layers.

• Internal EDID Management for each of the 8 outputs.  Rear DVI connections are hot swappable!

• Genloc & Multi System Frame Sync.

• SMPTE LTC Timecode Input.

• Soft-edge blending of multiple projectors.

• Timeline, Timecode Sequencer.

• Support for 3D displays

• Build and create in the 3D Stage Visualiser.

• Remote vertex adjustment.

• Map and warp onto any 3D surface.

• Video map onto any moving scenery.

• Intuitive modular LED support.

• Configure multiple systems as Master Slave.

• Artnet output protocols.

• Supplied pre-loaded with an extensive Media Library of AiM clips

•  2 x HD / SDI capture inputs


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January 30, 2016